Smart Connectivity in the IT Ecosystem: Introduction

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December 9, 2022

By Adam Saenger, Vice President, Wholesale Product Development & Management, DISH Wireless

DISH Wireless is serving enterprise customers in a new way with solutions tailored to meet their needs. By providing unprecedented control over connectivity and unparalleled insight into operations, we simplify the integration of enterprise IT systems and improve the connectivity experience for businesses, employees and customers. Our open ecosystem – everything from the network architecture to the products and services we offer – is designed from the ground up to be modular, scalable and interoperable, empowering enterprises to create custom solutions that unlock their potential. Instead of the prolonged development timeline and predefined packages that other service providers are known for, we work with enterprises to innovate at the pace of their business


Because of our network’s unique design, DISH Wireless can provide customers with a range of solutions – everything from holistic, end-to-end services to “plug and play” elements that integrate seamlessly into their current operating environment. DISH Wireless also provides flexibility in service configuration, allowing customers to design solutions based on their current and future needs. This adaptability means enterprises are able to address the current needs of their business while setting the foundation for future innovation and business results.


Using these unique capabilities, DISH Wireless can help enterprises solve some of the biggest technological challenges they face. In future blogs, we’ll explore how our open ecosystem drives new opportunities and efficiencies for enterprises in the following areas:

  • Systems Integration: By exposing network functions, enterprises have access to unprecedented levels of data, giving them improved control over the network and insight into operations. Solutions are flexible and fit-for-use, instead of the traditional “one-size-fits-some” model.
  • Security: We’ve built a network that’s secure from the ground up, adopting a zero-trust model for each component and layer. This lets enterprises respond to attacks in near-real time with no disruption in connectivity or services. The network learns from current threats to address future vulnerabilities.
  • Enhanced Policy Management and Control: Enterprises can set custom policies to meet their needs and then guarantee them through service-level agreements (SLA), benefiting enterprises, employees and customers.

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