5G for America

5G for America

America’s first cloud-native 5G network means more than faster smartphone speeds. It will completely transform the way we live, work and play, with unlimited possibilities for all.

White Paper — September 24, 2021


DISH Wireless

DISH Wireless Discusses Next Generation Guest Experience in Hospitality

White Paper — April 8, 2021


DISH Wireless

DISH Wireless lays the foundation for 5G network security

Press Release — April 20, 2021


DISH Wireless

DISH Wireless joins forces with Amazon for cloud-native 5G

We’re creating an open platform that will allow us to do what we’ve always done best as a nation: create, collaborate and build.

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At DISH, we’ve always put consumers first, continually reinventing our industry and ourselves to deliver groundbreaking new experiences for all.

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