Frequently Asked Questions

DISH is getting into wireless? Aren't you a TV company?

We’re innovators at heart. In our 40-year history as a connectivity company, our mission remains the same. DISH brought digital access to rural America, unprecedented flexibility through the first DVR and personalized choice with SLING TV, the world’s first live TV streaming platform. By building America’s first Smart Network™, we’re doing what we do best: bringing revolutionary connectivity solutions to our partners, our customers and our communities.

How can a wireless network change the world? 

DISH Wireless is building a foundation to bridge the digital divide. Our network will bring connectivity to those who need it most and empower technological revolutions like remote surgery - bringing greater access and opportunity, regardless of where you live.

Watch our series "Exploring the Possibilities at DISH Wireless" to see how America's first Smart Network™ will transform the way we live and work: 

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What makes your network unique? 

Our network is the first of its kind - smarter, faster and more secure. Built with leading-edge software instead of legacy software, our network leverages the intelligence of the cloud to propel collaboration and innovation across industries. We can power the future today, without the burden of expensive, outdated technology. Through partnerships with Amazon Web Services, Dell, IBM, Cisco and many other industry leaders, we’re building something entirely new: a network of networks, infinitely customizable and adaptable.

Learn more from our Chief Network Officer, Marc Rouanne, at AWS re:Invent:

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What's it like to work at DISH Wireless? 

We’re doing something that’s never been done, at a pace that no one has dared. With these high expectations comes great responsibility. We choose to collaborate on-site, where we explore, discover and build together. We value potential over experience and seek out candidates who share our four core values: Curiosity, Pride, Adventure and Winning. Think you have what it takes? Join us!

Are there remote opportunities? 

Collaborating in person is fundamental to how we work as a team. We’re moving at start-up speed, with a lean structure that provides incredible access and opportunity for our team members. No matter your tenure or experience, you have the chance to learn from and collaborate with our industry’s brightest minds. We run on coffee and whiteboard sessions, and we believe some of the best ideas come from hallway conversations and happy hours. We’re more than just faces on a screen, we’re trusted teammates who share a vision to change the way the world communicates.

Where are you located? 

Our headquarters team is based in Littleton, Colorado, but we're innovating everywhere! We have offices across the U.S. as we work to build the Nation's best Network. 

Who are your leaders? 

Our team is led by wireless veterans and technology disruptors; we come from diverse personal and professional backgrounds, united by our purpose to change the way the world communicates.