Reimagining Connectivity

Reimagining Connectivity

Our Vision 

Our Vision 

To change the way the world communicates.

Our Mission

Our Mission

To connect people and things.

Our Story 

DISH has a 40-year history of innovation, from creating the first DVR which empowered our customers to view content like never before, to launching SLING TV, the world’s first live TV streaming platform. We’re now building America’s first Smart Network™, which will change the way the world communicates. 
We’re a founder-led Fortune 200 company, which means we’ve been gaining expertise and developing talent since 1980. We’re driven by culture and purpose, not quarterly returns. We’re committed to thinking long term and doing it right the first time. After 40 years, our mission and vision remain the same. 
Our network is the first of its kind - smarter, faster and more secure. It leverages the intelligence of the cloud to propel collaboration and innovation across industries. We’re doing what we do best: bringing revolutionary solutions to our partners, our customers and our communities.

Our Founders

Jim DeFranco

Co-Founder and EVP, Special
Advisor to the CEO

Jim co-founded DISH Network with Charlie Ergen and Candy Ergen in 1980. Jim DeFranco is one of DISH’s Executive Vice Presidents and has been one of the company’s vice presidents and a member of the Board of Directors since DISH's formation. During the past five years he has held various executive officer and director positions with DISH's subsidiaries.

Candy Ergen

Co-Founder and Senior Advisor

Candy co-founded DISH Network in 1980, building the company one satellite dish at a time by driving the roads of Colorado, Utah and Wyoming. Her vision, innovation and leadership helped build DISH into a household brand. In addition to starting a revolutionary media company, she serves on a variety of philanthropic boards, including the Children’s Hospital Colorado, where she is a lifetime trustee.

Charlie Ergen

Co-Founder and Chairman

Charlie Ergen co-founded DISH and EchoStar, where he currently acts as Chairman of the Board of Directors. Charlie's proven leadership has grown the company from 3 to nearly 16,000 employees. Today, he oversees DISH's long-term strategy and is primarily focused on building America's first Smart Network™.

"What attracted me to DISH Wireless was the ambitious

nature of what we're trying to do here. It's the most 

innovative cloud project in history..." 

- Brian Mengwasser, VP Marketplace and Apps Design

Our Leaders

Jeff Blum

EVP, External & Legislative Affairs

Stephen Bye

EVP, Chief Commercial Officer

Heather Campbell

SVP, National Radio Frequency Engineering

Paul Chapple

SVP, Retail Wireless Product

Tom Cullen

EVP, Corporate Development

Brandon Ehrhart

EVP, Wireless General Counsel

In-Kyung Kim

SVP, Chief Solutions Officer

Dave Mayo

EVP, Network Development

Stephen Stokols

EVP, Boost Mobile

Jeff McSchooler

EVP, Wireless Network Operations

Marc Rouanne

EVP, Chief Network Officer

John Swieringa

President and Chief Operating Officer

Satish Sharma

SVP, Wireless

Stephen Stokols

EVP, Boost Mobile

Stephen Stokols

EVP, Boost Mobile

John Swieringa

President & COO

Network of the Future


Over the next decade, the network of the future will improve connectivity across America. From bringing world class-health care to rural America, to closing the homework gap for children across the nation, we are positioned to make a difference utilizing next-generation technology.



Built on American innovation.