Smart Connectivity in the IT Ecosystem: Systems Integration

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February 3, 2023

By Adam Saenger, Vice President, Wholesale Product Development & Management, DISH Wireless

DISH Wireless is working with enterprises to change the way the world communicates. Our cloud-native and standalone 5G enables us to tailor solutions to fit an enterprise’s specific needs and can be adapted to fit into an enterprise’s unique operating environment and IT ecosystem. Because our network is flexible, we’re able to simplify the systems integration process for our enterprise partners.


To better understand how enterprises can utilize our solutions, consider a manufacturing company that produces advanced medical equipment, including heart rate monitors, biochemical sensors and other smart devices. The company has a headquarters office and multiple factories across the nation that use proprietary knowledge and trade secrets to manufacture their devices. They also have a fleet of connected vehicles to transport raw materials and finished products. To further complicate matters, contractors and consultants support their business operations, which means different types of users access different connected systems throughout the company. An experienced enterprise IT department at headquarters manages their complex connectivity needs with a variety of over-the-top and third-party solutions, but they want to simplify and streamline operations.


A private network provided by DISH Wireless gives the manufacturer the control they’re looking for. They can augment their current connectivity solution, WiFi, with licensed, unencumbered 5G spectrum to create a truly personalized connectivity experience across their IT ecosystem. A DISH WIreless private 5G network provides:

  • Unified connectivity: The manufacturer’s headquarters, regional offices, distributed factories and vehicles are all connected to the same network. Users in any location experience the same seamless connectivity whether they join from within the enterprise local area network or through the DISH Wireless cellular network. The company’s IT professionals can define custom operating standards for each of the devices attached to the network, increasing security and simplifying user authentication. With assets spread across the country, this streamlines operations and improves the network ecosystem.

  • Insight into operations: An open and cloud-native private wireless network gives the IT professionals real-time access to performance data from all connected devices. For example, they can monitor manufacturing and supply processes in real-time and use these actionable insights to optimize their ecosystem, reducing response time to potential network disruptions and increasing opportunities for innovation.
  • Personalized solutions: Instead of deploying traditional, standardized “one-size-fits-some” data and connectivity models, DISH Wireless offers flexible and personalized solutions. These tailored solutions give the manufacturing company greater control over their smart factories and connected vehicles, helping them to meet their business needs quickly and efficiently.


A private network provided by DISH Wireless gives enterprises and their IT professionals control – not just medical device manufacturers, but enterprises of every kind. Our powerful network and cutting-edge technology allow us to adapt to serve industries of any size and use case. Partnering with DISH Wireless saves time, simplifies connectivity, and enables enterprises to focus on their business priorities.


Read our white paper detailing our approach to systems integration to learn more, and stay tuned as we continue to explore ways that DISH Wireless can provide smart connectivity within the IT ecosystem.