HTC and DISH Wireless Showcase Private 5G Enterprise Solution with Mini Racecar Demo

woman climbing 5G cell tower

May 12, 2022

HTC and DISH Wireless are working together to bring low-latency, high-bandwidth private 5G (P5G) connectivity to enterprise customers across the U.S. P5G will offer enterprises the ability to expand their fleet of virtual reality (VR) headsets, as well as deploy remotely guided vehicles in warehouses and other industrial settings improving worker safety.


Building on the success of the P5G demos shown at CES and MWC this year, HTC brought its flagship remote-controlled mini racecar demo to Las Vegas for DISH’s Team Summit attendees to experience the true power of 5G. The demo leverages HTC’s P5G solution Reign Core, which debuted at MWC in early 2022.


Reign Core is a compact, portable P5G box specifically designed for VR enterprise use cases, including training, collaboration, design, and remote vehicle operation. It is compliant with 3GPP and O-RAN.


HTC’s demo let guests control scaled-down racecars on a mini track over a wireless 5G connection. Drivers sat with their backs to the track, watching a live feed of their racecar on TV monitors as they steered it through the course in real-time.


While drivers steered their racecars through the mini racetrack, high-fidelity VR content was concurrently streamed to multiple VIVE Focus 3 headsets. The content was streamed using the same P5G network used to control the racecars, illustrating robust 5G bandwidth capabilities.


“5G bandwidth can easily support the VR headsets of today, and the XR headsets and peripherals of tomorrow at mass adoption scale and with top quality performance,” said Dan O’Brien, GM Americas at HTC VIVE. “That means more effective remote employee collaboration, and solutions we haven't even thought of yet. Trailblazers like DISH Wireless are laying the foundation for mass deployment and adoption of XR products and solutions for consumers and enterprises.”


"We're building a SMART 5G™ network that will disrupt the way enterprises operate with advanced capabilities including customization, automation and agility," said Stephen Bye, chief commercial officer, DISH Wireless. "5G’s reliability and low latency allow businesses to make better decisions regarding efficiency, worker safety and more.”