On the Ground at Connect(X): Cloud-Native Networks, Customers and Collaborators

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Travis Klempan

May 25, 2022

This week at Connect(X) 2022 DISH met with representatives from carriers, service providers, engineers, and tower companies. DISH leaders spoke on several panels, and Executive Vice President Dave Mayo provided a comprehensive look at our 5G build-out and opportunities to compete with the incumbent carriers in a keynote fireside chat with former FCC Commissioner Robert McDowell in front of hundreds of attendees.

In addition to many well-known sponsors, Connect(X) was brought to us by the letter “C,” with lively and ongoing conversations about C-Band, CBRS, culture, competition, connectivity and control (of the network). In honor of the Colorado Convention Center - host to this year’s meeting - here are three additional “C”-based topics that permeated discussions at all levels, and which DISH Wireless has put front and center.


Sidd at Connect X panel


Cloud-Native Networks

Sidd Chenumolu, VP of Technology Development, used his time on the panel “The Benefits of a Cloud-Native Network” to showcase the many advantages of the approach DISH Wireless is taking to build our scalable, adaptable and observable platform. These include the ability to move beyond the “black box” model of traditional networks and allow engineers, developers and customers the choice and flexibility to create networks that best suit their needs. Sidd confirmed that a cloud-native architecture makes sense for building a network that grows with the customer.

Brian Mengwasser at Connect X panel



DISH Wireless VP of MarketPlace & Apps Design Brian Mengwasser expanded on the importance of cloud-native infrastructure by tying it to the beneficiaries of a cutting-edge deployment: the customers. In the panel “Making Money from the Network Edge,” Brian asked and answered many questions about how a cloud-native methodology goes hand-in-hand with making a hybrid and hyper-distributed infrastructure that serves a diverse ecosystem of users. Moving beyond the traditional view of customers as merely consumers and seeing them as collaborators revolutionizes many different approaches to building a network that’s responsive to enterprise needs, rather than top-down or traditional models.


All of this adds up to a full embrace of collaboration as a guiding principle in building a network that’s never been built before. Sidd pointed to the use of Open RAN standards combined with cloud-native principles that will give enterprise users greater control over their networks, realizing the vision of having a programmable network that adapts to the needs of the customer. Brian showed how DISH Wireless acts as an integrator between thousands of sites and partners. He also emphasized that experimentation and innovation requires collaboration with developers and users. And Dave brought the message home, calling out the general contractors, tower companies and enterprise customers as all critical to building a network that’s never been attempted before.


Embracing a cloud-native mindset, focusing on customers as more than just consumers and working at every step with an ever-growing team of collaborators allows DISH Wireless to enable innovation and continue to drive conversations, all the way to Connect(X) 2023 and beyond.