Industry 4.0 Part II - Leading the Way

industry 4.0 part II: Leading the Way blog graphic

October 14, 2022

By Adam Saenger, Vice President, Wholesale Product Development & Management, DISH Wireless

Industry 4.0 is revolutionizing the wireless industry, shifting the focus away from the consumer retail market and moving it towards a more enterprise-driven approach. 


DISH Wireless is leading the way to Industry 4.0 with our cloud-native Open RAN 5G network that is designed for the current and future enterprise, unlike legacy networks. 


A recent Deloitte survey of networking executives identified security, scalability and interoperability as the three most important Industry 4.0 advances. Our network’s cloud-native Open RAN architecture allows DISH Wireless to address all of these areas in collaboration with the enterprise. Enterprises are no longer locked into the steel-threaded method of operation that has become the norm for today’s networks.


The DISH Wireless network opens the ecosystem enabling enterprises to unleash their value through a personalized plug-and-play solution that puts the control in their hands. This enhanced control unlocks innovation for the enterprise, as well as those developing apps and solutions.


This is best displayed through the evolving customer journey enabled by our network’s cloud-based, data-driven environment. Traditionally defined by the steps “learn, buy, get, use,” we transformed the once linear customer journey into a cyclical and highly interactive or even predictive opportunity. 


Our prospective customer journey combines steps and allows for a dynamic process in which business outcomes can be modeled through software. There, ideas can be tested, optimized or modified at any stage. We are building a capability, an ecosystem and a platform that will serve the enterprise better tomorrow and well into the future. 


To learn more about our “enterprise out” approach and Industry 4.0 advances, watch my keynote presentation at Digital Transformation World 2022.